From death … life.

Welcome to Fred Elder’s world.

The Deathly Adventures Collection will take you to places you’ve never been. A house haunted by a deranged killer. An island out of myth and legend where evil creatures lurk. The seven circles of Hell and the Fields of Enlightenment. Long lost tunnels leading into a nightmare world, and more.

These are stories about everyday people thrown into extraordinary situations, forced to fight for their lives against ghosts, monstrous creatures, demons and angels, dinosaurs, a homicidal Grim Reaper, a warlord out to rule the world, and more.

The fast-paced stories are full of rousing adventure, a healthy dose of horror, the oft-felt pang of love found or lost, some irreverent humor, and an eerie touch of the inexplicable. There is no limit to Fred Elder’s imagination, no place it will not go. Come along for the ride.

The entire collection is available from Kindle Books.

Latest Developments

My Sixth Novel is now Published

My sixth novel, a dark comedy set in the small Great Lakes town of Providence Bay, is now available on Amazon, both as a Kindle eBook and paperback. It’s titled The Grim Holiday or, An Unintended Invitation to Death.

I started writing it between drafts of my previous works, which was a two-part adventure titled The Lost Tunnel of Atlantis and Escape from Hollow Earth. Those books were full out adventure, gory and horror-filled. I needed a bit of a break, which is why I chose to try my hand again at a dark comedy. My previous dark comedy, Emily Meets the Devil, got a lot of traction with readers so I figured I couldn’t go wrong.

I am now moving forward with another project, a Fantasy trilogy called The Western Wilds Chronicles. It’s set in a world not unlike late 19th Century Earth, and follows the adventures of a number of protagonists and antagonists – a Princess seeking redemption, a Huntress seeking revenge, a dead man seeking justice, and a Warlord seeking domination. Good fun.

Cheers for now. Stay safe and read. Read anything.