The Deathly Adventures are a series of full length, stand alone adventure novels, each with different characters and story lines. The only thing linking these stories is rousing adventure, a healthy dose of horror, the pang of love, some irreverent humor, and an eerie touch of the inexplicable.

Read them in any order and enjoy. Available on Amazon now.

Coming later this year in 2020.

Latest Developments

My Third Novel is now Published

My third stand alone novel, Her Twisted Fascination with Death, was published on Amazon at the end of July, 2020.

I’m excited to add this new story, which is filled from start to finish with irreverent humor, scary situation and eye-catching characters. Whether you prefer Angels or Demons, good or bad, this story has something for you.

I am now moving forward on my 4th novel, Their Dangerous Descent towards Death, which will actually publish in two parts due to the size of the manuscript. This one is a homage to those B-horror movies of the 50’s and 60’s, with our characters travelling into uncharted territory to solve one of the great riddles of humanity.

I can’t say this dratted virus has given me any more opportunity to write, since I’m already semi-retired, but I have ideas for several more works percolating in my head. I may get around to them, or I may not. I’ve done a lot of percolating over the years and the result isn’t always a good cup of coffee.

Cheers for now. Stay stay and read books. Any books.