The Deathly Adventures are a series of full length, stand alone adventure novels, each with different characters and story lines. The only thing linking these stories is rousing adventure, a healthy dose of horror, the pang of love, some irreverent humor, and an eerie touch of the supernatural.

Read them in any order and enjoy.

An excerpt from …

Her Twisted Fascination with Death

Two Imps walk into a bar.

No, this isn’t the start of some cheesy joke. Two Imps really did walk into a bar. It’s a place named Dante’s, located just outside one of the gates into Hell. If you don’t know the place, that speaks well for you.

But perhaps a quick overview is in order.

Everybody knows that Heaven is in the sky, high above the clouds, while Hell lies deep below, in the rock and fire of the Earth’s interior. Those two concepts are easy for mortals to understand because most of them labor down in the muck and trenches while the rich and powerful live in tall, shiny towers.

So, up is good, down is bad.

Easy to understand but completely wrong.

These two places actually exist inside the Realm, which is neither up nor down from Earth. It simply exists – call it another dimension if you like. After dying, your soul travels to the Realm and you are judged on how well you lived your mortal life.

Picture the Realm as a house with a split-level entrance. If you live your life without being a dumbass, you’re invited upstairs; if you need a lesson or two in humanity, it’s the basement for you.

Suffice to say the Realm is a bit more complicated than that, but that’s all you need to know for now. It’ll all make sense by the time we’re finished. Let’s get back to Dante’s.

Gnobkix and Krebnot needed some privacy for their conniving. The place was near full but, in the far back corner, one table was empty. As they moved through the crowded room, these two drew looks of suspicion and downright scorn.

Ugh, thought Gnobkix as he sat down, realizing the table was unused only because it was right outside the bathroom. Sanitary conditions in this part of the Realm didn’t meet any standards to speak of, unlike those prissy buggers in Heaven.

While most Imps work in the service industry bordering Hell, some have become actively involved in the workings of Demons, who obviously are evil. So, it makes sense that any Imp who finds itself enthralled to a Demon is evil, too, and therefore looked upon with either suspicion or jealousy.

These two Imps, however, had outdone themselves. They worked for one of the Fallen Angels. It was impossible to work for such a monstrously evil, malignant being as a Fallen Angel without some of their essence rubbing off on you.

“So,” said Krebnot, “what’s all the excitement, then.”

“We’re going back up,” announced Gnobkix, lifting one eyelid upwards. If he expected his friend to be excited at this proclamation, he was disappointed. If anything, Krebnot sighed.