The Deathly Adventures Collection are a series of full length, stand alone novels, each with different characters and story lines. The only thing linking these stories is rousing adventure, a healthy dose of horror, the pang of love, some irreverent humor, and an eerie touch of the inexplicable. They offer an escape from the reality of our modern lives.

Read them in any order and enjoy. Available on Amazon now.

Latest Developments

My Fourth Novel is now Published

My fourth stand alone novel, a two-part adventure set in locations both around the world and below its surface, Their Perilous Descent towards Death, is now available on Amazon.

I’m excited about these latest novels because they harken back to my youth, when pulp fiction novels and B-horror movies focused on the what humans fear most – the unknown. And where better to search for the unknown but underground, in a realm which few people will ever experience.

I am now moving forward with my 5th novel, An Unexpected Invitation to Death, which is set in a small town on the shores of one of the Great Lakes. The story centers around two competing mortuaries, two desperate newspaper people, and one oblivious serial killer. I’m calling it a suspenseful dark comedy because I prefer to highlight the zaniness of life rather than the evil.

Cheers for now. Stay safe and read. Read anything.

Coming in 2021