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Fred Elder lives in London, Ontario.  He is the father of three and grandfather of two, Harry and Declan. 

He is an avid reader, enjoying the works of a dynamic range of writers that include JRR Tolkien, Christopher Moore, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Peter Clines, Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, Claire North and Brian George.  Any story that offers a touch of the supernatural or evokes an eerie tingle down the spine or brings a splash of wonder is a worthy read.  He looks for adventures that allow the reader to experience the uncanny. 

It was only when he faced a near fatal medical emergency in 2017 that he took up writing. Whether it was the ‘touch of death’ that motivated him, Fred couldn’t say, but a veritable well spring of story ideas began coming to him. In the literal sense, he hasn’t been able to put the pen down ever since.

Every story requires a collaboration between two imaginations.  An author can only pour their soul into a story; it’s up to the reader to breathe life into it.”    Fred Elder

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