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My Strange Acquaintance with Death

Until he stumbled onto the macabre murder scene, Thomas never knew such fear. How could such as an ordinary day suddenly turned into a horrifying nightmare?

Now, in a heartbeat, he is running for his life. With maniacs after him, and a blizzard threatening, he must make his way through a deserted town and find refuge. He must solve the mystery he stumbled into and save the life of the woman he loves. Without dying.

This eerie, fast-paced story involves an ordinary guy thrown into an extraordinary  situation, nasty bad guys, a woman done wrong, friendship lost and friendship realized, more than a few bizarre twists and turns, a haunted house, unrequited love and, of course, death.

Their Exasperating Dance with Death

They are all running from something. A group of strangers are forced to flee as a volcano threatens to erupt, taking refuge aboard a ship crossing the South Pacific. But it offers no safety from an apocalyptic explosion and they find themselves shipwrecked on what seems like an island paradise.

They soon discover how wrong they are. An inexplicable series of events unfold. They stumble across a stagnant pond straight out of their nightmares, find a bottomless crater, and soon realize an unnatural creature is stalking them. Soon, other dangers will face them all, challenging them in ways they never imagined, and leading to one stunning conclusion.

Join Fred Elder in this roller coaster of an adventure about the power of friendship, myths, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, an island that shouldn’t exist, a living dinosaur and a monster out of your darkest dreams. From the busy markets of Mindanao to a mysterious grotto deep beneath the island, non-stop adventure awaits.

Dimensions of Science Fiction Volume 2

The universe—vast, unknown, mysterious, existing as a playground of imagination. From aliens older than time itself, an archeological dig that portends the fate of Earth, a sentient planet, developing races, colonization, a world fighting for its existence, these and more stories await you within the Dimensions of Science Fiction. Join the authors from Writers Unite! as they take you on a voyage across the universe.

Volume 2 includes Choices by Fred Elder

Her Twisted Fascination with Death

Except for one bad habit, Emily is a wonderful young lady. That one bad habit, unfortunately, is being an unsanctioned Angel of Death. Behind her lay a string of inexplicable killings. Ahead may be answers to the mystery of her own existence.

But forces far beyond her comprehension are drawing her into a plot, hatched in the depths of Hell, which may lead to the apocalyptic destruction of Humankind. She’ll need the help of a frustrated police officer and an out of work collector of souls if she has any hope of surviving.

Join Fred Elder in this fun, ferocious, frightening, poignant, and irreverent adventure as Angels and Demons, Imps and Incubi, an enormous 3-headed Hellhound, and Lucifer himself all conspire to stop Emily from learning what she truly is.

Their Perilous Descent toward Death

Part 1: Origin Story

An international team of explorers prepare to climb down newly discovered tunnels and explore another world deep under the surface of our planet. But nothing can prepare them for what lays ahead or for the deception they face.

Soon, they will find tunnels which should not exist, spectacular ruins, a massive grotto filled with bizarre forests, rolling hills and swamps, and a thriving ecosystem. But there is something else lurking down there, in the dark, waiting to feast on human flesh.

Join Fred Elder as he takes you on a hair-raising journey into the depths of our planet. The story promises thrills, chills, and adventure. Prepare to feel the horror as you delve into the very bowels of our Earth and into a world unseen by humans for 50,000 years.

Part Two: Hollow Earth

A magnificent journey into the depths of our planet has turned into a desperate fight for survival. Forced by circumstances to go deeper, a team of intrepid explorers are faced with one nightmare after another.

They must escape the clutches of indescribable predators, cross a bottomless lake that is home to a creature out of a nightmare, solve the mystery of a mythical race and evade a mindless horde intent on their destruction. And, down in the darkest depths of this new world, they encounter their worst fear.

Join Fred Elder as he takes you on a hair-raising journey into the depths of our planet. The conclusion to the story promises thrills, chills, and adventure. Prepare to feel the horror as you delve into the very bowels of our Earth and into a world unseen by humans for 50,000 years.

An Unintended Invitation to Death

Coming in 2021

There’s only so much business to go around during a global pandemic. Why should it be any different for two funeral homes competing in the small town of Providence Bay? For a local reporter, who would kill for a great story, things might be looking up.

As business improves, much to the concern of the local sheriff, it becomes apparent that something unnatural is taking place in the sleepy, little town. And it isn’t only the sheriff who notices the mounting number of deaths. The Grim Reaper, himself, is drawn to the town.

Join Fred Elder in this exhilarating, frightening, and humorous examination of the extent to which people will go to make a living. And if that means a few people have to die, isn’t that what life is all about?

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