Until he stumbled onto the macabre murder scene, Thomas had never known such fear. What began as an ordinary day suddenly turned into a horrifying ordeal.

Now, in a heartbeat, he was running for his life. With maniacs after him, and a blizzard threatening, he must make his way through a deserted town and find safety. He must solve the mystery he stumbled into and save the life of the woman he loves. Without getting killed first.

This eerie, fast-paced story involves an ordinary guy thrown into a situation way over his head, some nasty bad guys, a woman done wrong, friendship lost, and friendship realized, more than a few bizarre twists and turns, a haunted house, unrequited love and, of course, death.

They were all running from something. A group of strangers are forced to flee as a volcano threatens to erupt, taking refuge aboard a ship crossing the South Pacific. But it offers no safety from an apocalyptic explosion and they’re shipwrecked on what seems like an island paradise. A perfect white beach leads into a veritable garden, all surrounded by towering cliffs with glittering waterfalls.

They soon discover how wrong they are. An inexplicable series of events unfold. A stagnant pond straight out of their nightmares, a bottomless crater, and an unnatural creature is stalking them. Soon, other dangers will face them all, leading to a stunning conclusion.

Join Fred Elder in this roller coaster of an adventure about myths, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, an island that shouldn’t exist, a living dinosaur and a monster out of your darkest dreams. From the busy markets of Mindanao to a mysterious grotto deep beneath the island, non-stop adventure awaits.

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