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My Strange Acquaintance with Death

My name is Thomas Morgan, and this is the story about the day I died.

No exclamation point, no italics, no bold type to grab your attention. Simply put, life as I knew it came to an end that night and, naturally, nothing has been the same since.

I know what you’re going to say. If I died, then how can you be reading this?

Perhaps, if you believe in God, you’re thinking He provides pen and paper as you approach the Pearly Gates? Something like an exit interview as you leave the mortal coil, perhaps? Nope! Based on the way I had lived my life up to that day, it was very likely that no one – in heaven or hell – gave a rat’s ass for my parting observations of life.  

Perhaps, I have some sort of physic link to a living person who wrote this down for me. Nope! By the end of the story you’ll realize I don’t have the capacity for anything like a physic link. When it came to all the things that are truly important in life, I spent most of my time trying to prove I didn’t know how to use my brains.

Or, even better, maybe they have internet connectivity in the afterlife! That would be cool; I could be blogging from the afterlife. But, nope! I suppose which direction you headed after dying – you know, up or down – would determine what kind of internet speed you get.  

Did you consider, perhaps, that you are the dead one and you’re sitting in an afterlife version of a coffee house, reading my story? You could be sipping a latte, chatting up the lovely old lady at the next table, and reading this book.

I wish my story was as simple as any of those possibilities.

So, sit back, take a load off your feet, and hear me out.

Without giving away any of the plot, I can tell you this story involves an ordinary guy thrown into a situation way over his head, some really nasty bad guys, a beautiful woman done wrong, friendship lost and true friendship realized, a big chase scene, a few bizarre twists and turns, a haunted house, unrequited love, true love, a bunch of violence and, of course, death – all packed into just one day! Oh, and don’t forget – pain and chaos!

I know what you’re going to say. How can so much be packed into one guy’s day? I could try and tell you this was just a typical day for me, but that would be horseshit! This was the kind of day that pretty much blew every other day of my life clean out of the water.

It was, without a shadow of a doubt, a day like no other.

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