My Strange Acquaintance with Death

“a descriptive mixture of comic crime thriller and haunted house chiller that’s is easy and fun to read” “It speeds along, with short chapters that never seem overstuffed and keep the pace moving. That’s impressive, considering the story mostly takes place over a single day. It also helps that Thomas, acting as the narrator, speaks in an entertaining, down-to-earth way.”

Colin Newton, IndieReader

“So I just finished your book ..took me less than 24 hours to read it ..I couldn’t put it down !!! Awesome job Fred 👍👍👍..kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time ..loved it! Can’t wait for your next adventure ! Again congratulations 🎉 great job”

Jacquie S., Gravenhurst ON

What a roller coaster this story was. There were pages when I was laughing at Thomas’ insights and then pages where I was scared out of my mind! Fun to read.”

Willow G., Peterborough, ON

Fred has shown he knows how to tell a story. This book makes you want to keep turning the pages and keeps the reader guessing to the very last page. Looking forward to reading his next novel, Their Exasperating Dance with Death!

Rick E., London ON

“What a fun read. Great characters that I could relate to and a devilish plot. Enjoyed it immensely.”

Greg L., Toronto ON

“Terrific blend of scary and funny. Never saw those twists coming until they smacked me in the face. Really enjoyable!”

Sharon B., Silverton OH

Solid story with many twists and turns. The haunted house scenes gave me the jitters. Really enjoyed Thomas’ adorable crush on Sheila.”

Louise G., Binghamton NY

Short Story – H8 Nine Ten

“Great story! This is a great opportunity for everyone who loves to read a good story and it’s a wonderful way to find out what great talent is in our group”

Caroline G., Writers Unite

“Wow – what a story! Goosebumps! Very well done – I loved this!”

Lynn M., Writers Unite

“This story is so well crafted! I hope everyone will take a few minutes to read and enjoy it!

Deborah R., Writers Unite

“No words.👏👏 Well done.!!”

Stephanie A., Writers Unite
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